About Aaron

Aaron CaseAaron survived and escaped an oppressive religious upbringing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). As a full-believing Mormon until 2009, Aaron discovered that the origin of the LDS church was awash in fraud, deceit, greed, exploitation, and hypocrisy. He also found that the modern LDS church is much more about making money, buying real estate, and controlling its members using cult tactics than being a real religion.

Aaron went from full-believing Mormon to hardcore atheist in a matter of months, and has since shed all beliefs of a religious, spiritual, or superstitious nature.

He now embraces Science, Logic, and Reason as his core beliefs. Always considered opinionated and outspoken, he has tried to hold back his political and religious rants in order to preserve his family and friendly relationships.

Now, like a phoenix, he intends to rise and fly free.