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Yeah, lecture us about your preferred name, because *that* is what’s important. If nomenclature is what your church cares about the most, what kind of god are you worshiping?

Here are a few topics that might need your church’s attention…

  • 3 million children starving in Africa right this second
  • Teen suicide at alarmingly high levels in the lds church
  • Mormon bishops asking sexually explicit questions to children
  • Massive obesity and opioid epidemics for mormon church members
  • Rampant anti-LGBT prejudice and discrimination in church policy and among mormons
  • President Clownshoe running amok with cover from his Congressional sycophant dickbots
  • Over 9000 gun-related deaths this year, including 2200 children and teens
  • Wars and economic turmoil around the world

This “don’t call us mormons” idiocy is the most ridiculous piece of nonsense uttered by a recent mormon church leader (and that’s saying something).

LDS Church Whines About Their Name